Tabular Editor Tricks - Object State - 2019-03-26

If you’re refreshing different parts of your Tabular Model at different times of the day, you may need to know what the current refresh state is, across all objects of the model. For example, running a “dataOnly” refresh on a table, does not automatically refresh calculated columns, hierarchies or relationships.... Read More

Power BI Tricks - WhatIf parameters - 2019-03-14

I received a comment on my introductory webinar video, regarding whether Tabular Editor could be used to generate lots of WhatIf parameters quickly. Well, behind the scenes, a WhatIf parameter is simply a Calculated Table with a single column, defined using the GENERATESERIES DAX function (to hold all the possible... Read More

You're Deploying it Wrong! - AS Edition (Part 1) - 2019-02-20

This is part 1 of a blog series on Analysis Services DevOps using Tabular Editor. Preface Almost 10 years ago, now Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, Troy Hunt wrote a groundbreaking blog series titled “You’re deploying it wrong!”, that brought the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery to an... Read More

Introducing the Tabular Editor Blog - 2017-10-17

Tabular Editor is growing. It’s time to start blogging. Some background history It all started back in August 2016, when I was challenged with maintaining a large Tabular Model with more than 50 tables, and over 800 measures. One day, my client asked me to update the display folder structure... Read More